Art Toronto

Art Toronto 2020 Exhibitor List

This year, Art Toronto will truly be Canada’s art fair. Looking beyond the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Art Toronto 2020 will feature a strong online presence including virtual exhibitions, curated collections, talks, tours and more. Complemented by in-person exhibitions and programming in galleries and museums across Canada, focused in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.

With exhibitors presenting contemporary art in all media, along with modern and historic work, Art Toronto is the place to learn, celebrate and collect art in Canada and abroad.

Featuring modern and contemporary galleries from across Canada and abroad.

Angell Gallery (Toronto)
ART45 (Montreal)
Art Mûr (Montreal)
Axel Pairon Gallery (Knokke)
Bau-Xi Gallery (Toronto, Vancouver)
Bau-Xi Photo (Toronto)
BEERS London (London UK)
Benrimon Editions (New York)
Blouin Division (Montreal, Toronto)
Bradley Ertaskiran (Montreal)
Canadian Fine Arts (Toronto)
Caviar20  (Toronto)
Christie Contemporary  (Toronto)
Christina Parker Gallery (St. John's)
Christopher Cutts Gallery (Toronto)
Clint Roenisch (Toronto)
Corkin Gallery (Toronto)
Daniel Faria Gallery (Toronto)
Dianna Witte Gallery (Toronto)
Donald Ellis Gallery (New York)
DURAN | MASHAAL (Montreal)
ELLEPHANT (Montreal)
Equinox Gallery (Vancouver)
Evelyn Aimis Fine Art (Toronto, Miami)
Feheley Fine Arts (Toronto)
Galerie 3 (Quebec City)
Galerie.a (Quebec City)
Galerie Claude Lafitte (Montreal)
Galerie Hugues Charbonneau (Montreal)
Galerie Jean-Claude Bergeron (Ottawa)
Galerie Laroche/Joncas (Montreal)
Galerie Nicolas Robert (Montreal)
Galerie Raphael (Frankfurt)
Galerie Robertson Arès (Montreal)
Galerie Simon Blais (Montreal)
Galeries Roger Bellemare et Christian Lambert (Montreal)
Gallery Jones (Vancouver)
General Hardware Contemporary (Toronto)
Georgia Scherman Projects (Toronto)
Han Art (Montreal)
Howard495 (Vancouver)
Jill George Gallery (London UK)
La Castiglione Gallery (Montreal)
Loch Gallery (Toronto, Calgary, Winnipeg)
Masters Gallery (Calgary)
McBride Contemporain (Montreal)
Michael Gibson Gallery (London)
Miriam Shiell Fine Art (Toronto)
MKG127 (Toronto)
moniquemeloche (Chicago)
Nicholas Metivier Gallery (Toronto)
Odon Wagner Gallery (Toronto)
Olga Korper Gallery (Toronto)
Patel Brown (Toronto)
Paul Petro Contemporary Art (Toronto)
Pierre-François Ouellette art contemporain (Montreal)
Projet Pangée (Montreal)
Quimera (Buenos Aires)
Republic Gallery (Vancouver)
Roberts Gallery (Toronto)
Nikola Rukaj Gallery (Toronto)
Rumi Galleries (Oakville)
Slate Fine Art Gallery (Regina)
Stephen Bulger Gallery (Toronto)
Studio 21 Fine Art (Halifax)
Taglialatella Galleries Toronto (Toronto,  New York City, Palm Beach, Paris)
TrépanierBaer Gallery (Calgary)
Unit 17 (Vancouver)
United Contemporary (Toronto)
Wil Aballe Art Projects (Vancouver)
Zalucky Contemporary (Toronto)

Galleries representing a curated body of work by a single artist.

ELLEPHANT (Montreal): Skawennati
Fazakas Gallery (Vancouver): Maureen Gruben
Franz Kaka (Toronto): Michelle Bui
Galerie LeRoyer (Montreal): Zhuang Hong Yi
Monte Clark Gallery (Vancouver): Colleen Heslin
Poïesis Contemporary (Vancouver): Angela Grossmann 
Simon Bentley Fine Art (Toronto): Robert Cronin
Galerie C.O.A (Montreal): Valérie Gobeil